Thursday, March 23, 2017

#tbt Spring Break: Fripp Island, SC #MBsociallydriven


My mom takes an ultimate Spring Break -- every January, she leaves the "Lake Effect" Snow Belt of central upstate NY and "snowbirds" on Fripp Island, South Carolina until Easter-time.
-- You know it's coming... my 9 second #MBsociallydriven slide show:

Want to create your own mini slide show? It's made from geotagged Instagram images, US locations.
Click on THIS LINK while on your smart device, enter your zip code, choose five images from Instagram, et voila. 

I've had the pleasure of visiting Fripp a couple of times. Mom has a villa with beautiful wide sandy beach almost directly out her back door. Oh how I yearn to live with a view of the ocean!
If I had the time and energy, I'd add the time-lapse from this view. Maybe later...
You're never too old for a Spring Break! Where do you want to be right now?
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Friday, March 17, 2017

#tbt Spring Break: NYC #MBsociallydriven


The #MBsociallydriven phone app is still working, so I will keep feeding you 9 second slide shows!
Want to make your own? It works if you look at this post on your smart device and click through on this link: YOU CAN USE IT FOR ANY US ZIP CODE! (I just tried it on my "home" town. OMG! What insanity have they unleashed in me?

Anyway, on the subject of FEEDING, in a New York 9 seconds:
Featured eateries:
Untitled at the Whitney, 99 Gansevoort Street (haven't eaten there, used solely for a Title image!)
Empire Biscuit, 198 Avenue A, btw 12th and 13th
Pizza Suprema, 413 8th Avenue, btw 31st and 32nd
William Greenberg, 1100 Madison Avenue, btw 82nd and 83 Street

Oh, New York, no many places to eat, so little time!

For the slide show, I used the most photogenic and easily accessible Flickr/Instagram images that I had on hand. Here are some additional spots that Severo and I like to haunt:

Tops Diner (in NJ, but if you fly into Newark on a red eye...)
500 Passaic Avenue, Harrison, NJ 07029
Pies-n-Thighs, 166 S. 4th Street at the corner of Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211

[sorry, no food picture -- or are you relieved?]
Katz's (Severo's all time favorite)
Lobster Roll, Lobster Elote, Salad, Lobster Mac-n-Cheese
Red Hook Lobster Pound (check website for locations)
(Still looking for a photo) Grand Central Oyster BarGrand Central Terminal, 89 E 42nd St, Lower Level

ChikaLicious Desset Bar, 203 E. 10th St. btw 1st and 2nd
Here is a post devoted to it from my Dessert Safari blog.
Momofuko Milk Bar, "Crack Pie"
Wicked Chocolate and Fig Ice Cream
Jacques Torres, various locations
(I could go on and on -- check my Dessert Safari and Glutton's Progress blogs)
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The City? The Beach? Where is your fantasy Spring Break?
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Friday, March 10, 2017

#tbt Spring Break: Austin, Texas #MBsociallydriven


SXSW, Austin's mega-festival of Interactive, Film, Music, and Comedy runs March 10-19.
How convenient that it coincides with some Spring Breaks! 
St. Patrick's Day is always during the festival, so you can imagine the zoo that is 6th Street (where there are lots of clubs and bars). They block off the street, open containers are allowed, and it's mayhem.
My first foray to SXSW was with Severo in 1997. Here we are with Beatle Bob.
Beatle Bob for the win in pattern clashing. I look sedate in comparison. 
I could prattle on and on about my love for Austin.
Instead, here are some links to posts I've already written: on SpyGirl, on The Glutton's Progress, on Dessert Safari.

Austin was on the list of official Socially Driven cities, so here's the 9 second mini movie (don't blink):

(The components, also mini).
Legacy text about the #MBsociallydriven campaign:
So, what's YOUR version of [insert city name]?
If you live in or plan on visiting NYC, LA, Chicago, Austin, Miami, or Denver, Mercedes-Benz is inviting you to share your city in a simple and artistic way on Instagram. It's easy—you create a quick (but beautiful) animated album of 5 of your best geotagged photos and upload it to Instagram. Then, you share your album on your feed with the hashtag #MBsociallydriven—and your photos might be featured on the Mercedes-Benz website! Get busy, the deadline is March 5.
[OOPS. MISSED THE DEADLINE -- the app still works, though. Access it here from your smartphone].
MB suggests these guidelines:
Because this is a Mercedes-Benz brand initiative, please avoid posting the following types of photos (as much as we love them): competing car brands, celebrities, outdoor murals and graffiti, images that primarily focus on tattoos, advertising, and profanity.

I still have the link open for YOUR neighborhood slideshow over on my Los Angeles post.
If you don't have a smart device, a GIF builder is a good way to create a DIY slideshow.
I recently used Imgflip, it was easy.

The link-up here is for this month's #tbt: SPRING BREAK